Porta Gaig at Barcelona Airport, giving new meaning to airplane food

A 1pm flight can be cruel torture for a foodie. It’s an awkward departure time that rules out a proper lunch in most cities and calls for an often overpriced and unsatisfying airport meal. But Barcelona isn’t most cities.


It’s a place where gourmet dining destinations and Michelin-star restaurants are around virtually every corner. This ubiquitous fine food culture has even reached the airport where Porta Gaig, Chef Carles Gaig’s restaurant in Terminal 1 of the Barcelona airport. Porta Gaig combines the brisk convenience of an airport meal with the quality and ambiance of an elegant restaurant. Find a place at the counter for a quick plate of pata negra with a side of pa amb tomaquet or choose a table in the dining room next to the long glass wall and a enjoy a leisurely meal of crispy Iberian pork or tender veal.


- lunedì, 10 gennaio 2011 | ore 7:59

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